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SEO Service

We are a company serving worldwide. Peakagon Web Development and SEO Firm provides local, national and global SEO services to its customers with monthly payments. You may have a question mark like what is SEO in your mind. This term, which stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, is considered as a procedure that should be worked by every business that wants to exist on the internet. SEO service is offered with different packages according to the industries.

You can contact our consultancy firm to have more information about our service prices.

With the increasing impact of digital platforms in our lives,  ranking on different search engines has gained great importance. As the competition in industries increases day by day, our talented team carries out very successful works. You can get more information by contacting our company.

You can read this article to learn more about SEO.

What is SEO Service

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO service can basically be described as a  service from a company or organization, working on search engines such as Google and Yandex. It is a digital process applied to rank higher in certain words of search engines such as Google and Yandex. Web Development and  SEO firm Peakagon is ready to assist you . You can contact our company to get information about SEO service prices and our works. You can get more information by contacting us. You can reach us from the contact form at the end of the page or from our phone number.


Google SEO Service

Yandex SEO Service

Google SEO Service

Google SEO service is a service for businesses to be listed in Google search engine results. You can make it easier for your potential customers to find you by ranking on Google search results.

Yandex SEO Service

Yanded SEO service is a service for businesses to be listed in Yandex search engine results. You can make it easier for your potential customers to find you by ranking on Yandex search results.

SEO Service Pricing

SEO service prices vary according to the size of the company and the scope of the transaction. Each company might have different procedures and requirements. SEO service prices are determined in US Dollars (USD). For more information about our company’s service prices, you can contact us via phone or e-mail address.

Our service prices are determined according to the infrastructure and codes of your website.

SEO Consultancy

Our SEO consultancy services consist of different stages. Our consultants and developers get in touch with your company to learn about your digital assets and closely follow the process with you. They will make suggestions to you in line with your request or access your website and make the necessary arrangements.

Phone Number

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Local SEO

Local SEO service is called search engine ranking that is specific to a particular location. Companies that are new to the internet world, especially those that provide physical services, often want to target regions that are close to them first, because it is easier to achieve success in local areas in search engine optimization than in national areas.

Nationwide SEO

Nationwide SEO is working on the country you are targeting. National studies are more competitive than local studies because the wider the targeted area, the more likely you are to encounter competitors.

To give an example from United States, it is more difficult to rank higher in search engines for the word “Education Consultancy” than to be at the top of the word “Texas Education Consultancy”.

Global SEO

This procedure, is much more competitive compared to other options. It will be convenient for you to choose this service to operate in the international arena through the digital environment. By targeting specific words globally, you can increase your ranking in search engines and ensure your global reputation. It is a process that requires a long working time and experience.

SEO uzmanı nedir sorusunu içeriğimiz içerisinde cevapladık.

Why is SEO Important?

By taking the advantage of SEO service, being in the top positions in search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing significantly increases the reputation of your brand and allows you to appear as a more corporate company. Especially with the SEO service that new brands need, you can get bigger jobs in your sector by ranking high on Google and you can be in superior positions than your competitors.

Last but not least, SEO procedure helps Google Ads advertisements costs to reduce drastically and optimize the ads with its quality score.

Learn more about the importance of SEO with our consultants.

SEO performance varies from expert to expert. Not all experts have the same ability.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Services

It stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is Search Engine Optimization. It is a digital process which is applied to rank higher in search engines such as Google and Yandex.

It is divided into two as on-site SEO and off-site SEO. You can do on-site SEO work by updating your pages on the site. You can strengthen your social media channels and increase your references for off-site SEO.

Being at the top of search engines is a great advantage for your company. Although advertising using Google Ads seems much more profitable in the short term, you should not forget that people with real customer potential also consider organic results. Being at the top of your competitors in the ranking will show you as a superior company.

Time to get results varies according to the sector you are in, how long you have been in the digital universe, whether the right methods are used and the code structure of the website you have. The average time to get results varies between 3 months and 6 months.

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